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Change The World


I will follow you into the Dark – Death cab for cutie


Hi my friends :)

This video was shot in South Africa. I’m currently on holidays here and loved how beautiful this bathroom is so I decided I Must make a youtube video in it!!

More to come while I am here in the sunshine!


Hope you like it, updates soon





Fix you – Coldplay

New Video for all my lovlies!

Someone Like You – Adele (Live cover by Jessica Allossery)

Thank you to everyone who helped me and encouraged me to make this happen. Thank you Brittany for organizing and directing this beautiful piece! <3

Studying abroad changed her world

Singer’s career gathers steam

Jessica Allossery's talents as a singer can be seen on YouTube.

Jessica Allossery’s talents as a singer can be seen on YouTube.

Photograph by: Handout, The Windsor Star

Jessica Allossery is singing to change the world.

A tall order, perhaps, but the 21-year-old Kent Bridge, Ont., native is nothing if not determined.

With her self-penned Change the World already getting national attention on a Telus Communications TV commercial, she’s making a quiet impact on a growing audience.

The song is central to the Telus campaign, We Give Where We Live, in Canada.

It was also used to promote donations to the Make Children Better Now Foundation against bullying, a charitable organization established in memory of Myles Neuts, the Chatham boy who was killed by bullies in 1998.

The Neuts were neighbours of Allossery.

“I’ve been a lot of places and I’ve seen a lot of things,” she said. “I’ve just always wanted to reach out to people who can’t help themselves.”

Allossery grew up on a farm east of Chatham, where as a kid she sold her family’s fresh corn by the roadside.

She took piano lessons from a neighbour from the age of six, but they didn’t take at first.

“I kind of lost interest in music once I went to high school,” she said.

But a year as a Rotary exchange student in Brazil changed all that. She learned Portuguese and later taught herself guitar by watching YouTube.

Allossery enrolled in London’s Fanshawe College in 2008 to study documentary filmmaking, but while there pursued her interest in music by posting covers and some of her own songs on YouTube.

One of the covers, the Portuguese-language Boa Sorte (Good Luck), got more than 400,000 views on YouTube and indirectly led to Allossery coming to the attention of Telus.

“A Brazilian fan who heard Boa Sorte also searched my other songs on YouTube,” she said, “and he loved Change the World.”

It turned out the fan was also a creative director of a Spanish company and he was looking for a song for an ad campaign in Barcelona. The song got more than 500,000 views online.

Move forward a few months and Telus executives at a conference in Toronto heard the same song, and had the same idea. They asked Allossery for the rights for their campaign of community support, We Give Where We Live, and flew her to Vancouver to record it.

It has changed Allossery’s world for the better. She’s now planning to move to Toronto to pursue an independent music career.

You can hear samples of Change the World, Boa Sorte and other songs on her website, jessicaallossery.com/albums.

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ABC’s Official Music Video

Hi Everyone! I am sooo happy to present my first official music video from my first EP: Learn.


Here it is! Let me know what you think!


Phil Main interviews Singer/Songwriter Jessica Allossery

Phil sits down with Jessica Allossery a young singer/songwriter who recently had her song “Change The World” part of the current Telus ad Campaign.

Check it out here.

Local Spotlight- Jessica Allossery

Tune in daily all this week at 3:40 pm as Jay & C-P feature JESSICA ALLOSSERY on the XS Local Spotlight.

Jessica’s musical career began on her farm in Thamesville Ontario, starting with the piano at the young age of 6. She attended lessons every week at her neighbor’s house, and spent her summers selling sweet corn to the locals on the highway.

She lost her interest with piano when she started high school and was convinced that her musical career would be tucked away in the shower, or humming down old dirt roads.

After high school, she lived in Brazil for one year and got her first taste of singing in front of an audience – in Portuguese at that! When she returned back to Canada, she enrolled in college to pursue a new dream of documentary filmmaking, to show the world what she has seen through the lens of a camera.

That September of 2008 changed her life! She didn’t own a television in her lonely house, so the only thing she had to occupy her time was the Internet and YouTube. She stumbled upon song covers and became inspired to learn guitar herself. She was comfortable behind the guitar in no time, advanced quite quickly and began writing her own songs only 4 months later.

Recently, Jessica’s song “Change the World” has been picked up by Telus’ newest ad campaign “We Give Where We Live”. The commercial is airing nationally across many Canadian Television networks.

Jessica’s lyrics are graceful, honest and sweet just like her personality. She inspires hundreds of people every day to follow their dreams, and help make the world a hopeful place for everyone. Jessica intends to “Change the World” through music and film, and with grace, her truthful melodies will leave you feeling uplifted and inspired.

Jess aspires to make a change with her music and within her community and the world she lives in. She has recently gained much local press for her work as an aspiring film-maker and her goal to put an end to bullying.

For more information on the lovely Jessica Allossery check out her website by CLICKING HERE!